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Every day we uncover and bring to light the talents of

Personalize the development of your employees and simplify your talent management

They trust us:

Discover a brand new experience of talent management

Our solution relies on AI to provide your talents with continuous and personalized career development opportunities

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Skills detected

Develop your pool of skills on an ongoing basis: integrations, self-declarations and interactions between employees.

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In internal mobility

Your employees bring to light all their assets and expertise: skills, wishes, experience, interests, motivations.

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Opportunities and projects

Make insightful decisions based on suggested data. Everything is built around your needs to manage talents and transformation.

Engage all your employees with our platform

365Talents is an intelligent skills, internal mobility and staffing management platform to boost your employees development

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Internal Talent Marketplace & Staffing

The right people on the right projects and at the right time

Identify the experts among your workforce and simplify staffing. Detect the right profiles and improve your employees’ satisfaction.

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Internal Mobility

Tailored career development opportunities

Our platform delivers personalized support to all your employees. Opportunities are reliable, your offers strengthened, while fostering engagement.

Learn more about Internal Mobility

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Workforce Planning

A clear and reliable vision on skills evolution

Detect skills where they are. Focus on insightful data, act on today’s skills and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.
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Your employees receive continuous and personalized training

Streamline your trainings thanks to our dynamic matching. Your employees receive training suggestions based on shared objectives.

Employee engagement and talent management powered by artificial intelligence

Our machine learning algorithms process large volumes of data. We analyze and outline your employees’ assets to match them with your company needs

Agile rollout and fully secured integration

We understand your needs and are attentive to your challenges. We fully support you to experience a new way of managing your talents

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Full integration to your ecosystem

The 365Talents platform uncovers relevant data and safely fits with all your HR and business related tools.

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Fast and flexible rollout of your solution

Within 6 weeks, we are on the field to launch a personalized platform tailored to your needs.
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A comprehensive respect of the EU GDPR

The security and protection of the personal and professional data of your employees is our priority.
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Customized support by our experts

Our business and tech experts are supporting you at every step of the platform life cycle.
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