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Societe Generale

In 2018, Societe Generale wants to put the employee at the heart of its HR strategy. Aware of the challenges of internal talent development, it chose 365Talents to launch a strategic initiative to map skills, strengthen employability and boost internal mobility.

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Internal Mobility
Upskilling & Reskilling
Strategic Workforce Planning
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Key numbers

78 000 employees
+ 19 000 opportunities consulted every month


In the midst of a transformation phase and in search of a solution centered on the employee and allowing for a dynamic skills repository, Societe Generale chose 365Talents to manage the development of its Talents.


  1. Map internal skills
  2. Strengthen the employability of employees
  3. Boost internal mobility

Solution et results

A platform deployed throughout the group with more than 30 countries (including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, India, Romania, Singapore and many others) and nearly 80,000 employees

A strong commitment from all internal entities with local management support, a high rate of employee adoption and the involvement of HR

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Thanks to 365Talents, we offer our employees personalized HR services to help them be more active in their career paths by helping them to value themselves, to reflect and to develop the skills of tomorrow
Cristèle Pernoud, Head of HR Information System and Operational Model Strategy
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