365Talents plans international growth with new board member

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A top executive from UKG joins 365Talents to strengthen focus on international market

365Talents is proud to announce Travis Burke has joined as board member of the growing scale-up specialised in Talent Management.

Toronto-based Travis Burke, VP Strategy and Global Development with the French unicorn Contentsquare, brings significant experience with HR software. From Ultimate software to UKG, he has worked with many tech start-ups in the field as an advisor. He met 365Talents through connections in the HR space and was attracted to the employee-driven experience and how helpful he believes the platform can be.

I wish I had a talent marketplace in one of my previous roles: I had to build up a whole team, and it would have been great to see where the company had the skills and the right people internally to staff my new team. People internally have their own corporate network and connections, on top of the right skill set. It can really accelerate your team ramp-up and deliver results faster.

Travis Burke


Board member

Travis was also impressed by 365Talents capability to scale projects. In his experience, he has seen how difficult it can be to transform a proof of concept into a large scale project reaching thousands of employees worldwide. The successful track-record of 365Talents was a high differentiator for him.

He also mentioned the importance of Strategic Workforce Planning, intertwined with talent management, and the impact it can have on organisations. A key element, but, as reported in the latest Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2020, only 11% of organisations said they were able to produce information on their workforce in real time. That leaves a huge market opportunity for 365Talents. 

A market booming for talent management

As Gartner reported in early 2021 in its Innovation Insights for Talent Marketplaces, less than 5% of enterprises in the target market for talent marketplaces are ready to fully adopt such solutions. The market is in its early stages, but analysts predict that by 2025, 20% of large organisations will have internal talent marketplaces to optimise the utilisation and agility of talent.

To this end, Travis highlighted the importance of identifying skills within companies. HR departments have to drive their workforce to adapt, reskill and assume new roles to guarantee agility, employee engagement and retention at the same time. And this has never been more true since 2020 when the trend accelerated with the Covid crisis. The need for internal talent and agility has never been as steep.

As the market matures for talent marketplaces, 365Talents will welcome the technological and strategic advice from Travis Burke to position itself on the international scene.

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