How to solve 3 HR challenges using skills intelligence

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The HR paradox

In a world of work that is transforming faster than ever, HR professionals often struggle to create an employee-centered workplace without losing accountability or a shared direction for meeting their organization’s objectives. 

HR departments are caught between conflicting demands. Business imperatives require comprehensive, real-time talent assessment, but employees want to feel empowered to define and drive their careers, on their own terms, and their rapidly evolving experiences, skills and ambitions can outpace their organization’s static assessments.

Moreover, as more HR processes go digital and new organizational needs emerge, the role of HR is evolving, becoming the center of decision-making – at least in theory.

In practice, HR managers often struggle to assert the level of strategic leadership their expertise and insights warrant, lacking the real-time data-driven support for their insights.

So, what, then, is an innovative HR leader to do?

The HR leader’s main challenge is how to balance the organization’s business objectives with employees’ individual objectives. To achieve a balance that works, HR professionals need only to follow 3 simple golden rules.
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