How does 365Talents deliver multilingual benefits

Simplified, unified skills database: Skills database management within an organization will now be more streamlined than ever. Companies can maintain their skills libraries in their preferred language, with all translations seamlessly managed by 365Talents' AI technology. This ensures consistent skills management across the organization.

Unlocking international mobility and empowering talent: 365Talents' unique algorithm takes into account job and skills declarations in multiple languages. The platform offers features that enable HR and management to discover the best experts and find the ideal candidates for job vacancies, regardless of the language in which they are expressed. Employees receive job and training offers based on their preferences and career aspirations. This capability enables organizations to tap into a diverse talent pool, fostering global collaboration and increasing the success of your project execution.

Enhanced user experience: 365Talents puts the employee experience at the forefront, prioritizing personalization and engagement. Employees can define their preferred language and specify the languages they speak professionally, ensuring they receive opportunities aligned with their language preferences and international mobility goals. 

Automatic translation of user profiles: For HR and managers, 365Talents offers the advantage of ensuring seamless understanding of information and data. This feature enables HR and managers to better understand the skills and experiences of employees in their native language, fostering closer ties. It also makes it easier to select the right candidates for job vacancies, helping to boost performance within the organization without any language barriers.

With a multilingual solution like 365Talents, global companies can understand, manage and facilitate their HR and talent management, no matter how many languages are present within the company.