The importance of in your own words, on your own terms

At 365Talents, we believe your people reach their full potential and feel most empowered when they are able to self-declare their skills, experiences and ambitions in their own words, on their own terms. How you choose to describe and see yourself is a powerful lever for owning your career path and future, and it all begins with the words you use.

That’s why our solution is designed to take the skills, experiences and ambitions your talents declare and synthesize them into a single source of truth so that you as HR have unparalleled visibility on the bigger picture, while your people can express the nuance of their personal journey.

With its unparalleled multilingual capabilities, 365Talents empowers individuals to express themselves authentically in their preferred language. This fosters an inclusive and personalized talent management experience, tailored to the diverse linguistic needs of global companies. The platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence to efficiently organize translations, providing smart skill suggestions and matching in all those supported languages.

365Talents unique technology offers automatic skills and profile translation, efficient multi-lingual synchronous data management, precise skills detection and matching across over 45 languages. These advanced features empower organizations to overcome language barriers and optimize their talent management processes with exceptional accuracy and effectiveness.