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Internal Mobility

Personalized opportunities for boosting internal mobility

Reduce your turnover and external recruitment costs while increasing your employees’ levels of satisfaction. Talents already exist within your company: you are making them visible and providing your employees with personalized support for their development.

Mobilité Interne - Solutions - Internal Mobility
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Make all your mobility opportunities visible

Bring your proposals to light thanks to the power of our matching engine. Following detailed analysis of each profile and proposed opportunities, we suggest mobility proposals to your employees, which are aligned with your management policies and in line with their talents and ambitions.

Job offers are no longer lost in the ether; they are intelligently rolled out to the right employees. You boost the visibility of all opportunities offered within your company and increase the number of qualified candidates internally.

By providing our employees with a transparent solution, we are also rebalancing our relationship with them, as they have access to all training paths and all mobility opportunities, with these being automatically suggested to them using Artificial Intelligence according to the talents and ambitions they have entered into the tool. Digitalisation changes their position by giving them the chance to expose themselves to other roles and to learn about other careers, which they perhaps might not have considered as part of their career development plan.”  Internal Mobility Manager in the Energy Sector

Target the best candidates for your roles of today and tomorrow

Based on the information provided, we help your employees to continuously add to their profiles and bring all their talents to light. Their qualities are dynamically matched with the skills required for each of your mobility proposals. 

You understand compatibilities and gaps better and quickly identify levers for reducing these gaps. Thanks to the sequencing functionality, new opportunities can be created automatically following each move made.

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“You make a positive impact on mobility. In 1 year, we have increased the rate of internal mobility by more than a point, especially thanks to the intelligent 365Talents platform. The tool proactively proposes positions, because it detects that the profile matches the role requirements, even though the employee might never have imagined this opportunity on their own. In a company like ours with many different career types and positions located at different geographical sites in Paris and other regions, being able to progress is complicated for employees. The tool helps them to progress into new careers and prepare themselves for these developments.”  Director of Human Resources in the Banking sector

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Gain credibility and foster engagement amongst your employees

Mobility proposals are becoming an invitation for dialogue. We collect each detailed feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, to understand your employees’ needs better and refine our proposals. Our platform subsequently adapts these proposals according to employees’ interests.

Your employees are supported throughout this process. By showcasing their talents, experiences and projects, they are facilitating reflection and preparing for future mobility.

Provide personalized support to your employees

Your mobility opportunities are visible and intelligently proposed to the right employees.

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Matching that is relevant and explained in detail

Based on reconciliation of key competences, themes and levels of seniority, we explain to you why our AI has matched an opportunity with an employee.

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Integration and merging with your job boards

No disruption of your existing mobility process. Applications are submitted via your tools: Taleo, Talentsoft, SAP etc.

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Immediate or long-term mobility proposals

Based on your available job descriptions, employees can identify positions that interest them for the future and start preparing themselves for these today.

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A natural increase in open positions

Thanks to the sequencing functionality, new opportunities can be created automatically following each move made.

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Full observance of your mobility policies

We use your existing policies for classifying your jobs and your employees in order to only suggest achievable mobility.
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Mobility notifications on tap

We adapt to your employees’ day-to-day, in the office, on the move, on the computer or on their work mobile.