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Evaluating and developing your employees

There are hundreds of training opportunities available in your catalogues and global training plans. How do you ensure that individual training is relevant and useful to each employee’s progression ?

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Help your employees to evaluate their talents better

We place employees at the centre of their development. They are in charge of their development, assessing their level of expertise and anticipating their needs in terms of gaining skills. As long as they are asked intelligently.

Once these data have been collected and processed by our platform, the HR manager’s role becomes increasingly qualitative. Our solution supports you in visualising training needs and cross-functional actions associated with your talent development strategy.

In line with our clients’ expectations and our needs, 365Talents allows us to qualify the skills gaps in the market, to forecast tasks and talents of tomorrow, to identify talents we are lacking internally, but also those that are detected by AI and must be supported through training. This new innovation is enabling us to reinvent our HR function thanks to dynamic talent management that accelerates transformation.” Director of Upskilling in the Construction Sector

Propose personalized, contextualized training

For employees, our Artificial Intelligence immediately comes into play for analyzing existing talents on their profiles and showing them the most suitable training for their projects. 

In order to achieve this, all the training opportunities available internally and externally are analyzed to identify the talent development axes they provide. Employees easily become aware of their training needs.

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“For our HR team, the AI provided by 365Talents is now bringing a more human element to management by putting employees at the centre of the process and offering them more transparency. But also enabling HR teams to regain their strategic role by “marketing” the position and proving that the department is key for responding to company transformation challenges thanks to surges in the skills of the men and women who are building it.”  HR Project Manager in the Finance sector

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Promote feedback and peer learning between employees

Our solution acts as a virtuous circle for evaluating and validating talents. All employees are able to indicate if one of their colleagues could take part in one of their professional experiences. In this way, they can bring to light their colleagues’ expertise and demonstrate the talents used during this exchange.

Moreover, if they are identified as an expert wishing to share their expertise, every employee can also help another to develop. This is the most experiential, effective source of training.

Only suggest useful, relevant training

We help you to optimize your training proposals and develop peer learning.

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Full integration with your training tools

We integrate all the training catalogues available to your employees: internal and external training, as well as e-learning…

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Training proposed intelligently

We personalize training paths according to each employee’s talents and ambitions, all while supporting your needs to present a coherent proposal.

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Training suggestions for self-improvement

We suggest training to your employees for on-the-job development and to guarantee the required levels of competence.

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Training suggestions for mobility

We suggest training to help your employees with their mobility. Armed with these new talents, they can seek future roles and assignments.

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Streamline your training catalogues

Engaging with and receiving feedback from your employees ultimately helps you to determine which are the least popular training opportunities, but above all to identify those that are the most useful.

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Suggest training on the talents of tomorrow

Use your dynamic reference skill set to analyze trends and identify units and employees who are the most keen to develop themselves with new talents.