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Workforce Planning

Dynamic talent mapping that is as close to reality as possible

Your reality is your field and your employees. Continuously involving them in your detection process enables you to gain valuable information on talents while witnessing them in action.

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Detect existing skills and find out where they are

Regardless of the source or language, you are building open, dynamic reference skill sets based on data analysis from an HR or professional tool. Closed, pre-constructed reference skill sets may already turn out to be obsolete by the time you start to formalise them. Our platform brings your reference skill sets to life and develops them thanks to your employees.

Our semantic analysis technology enables you to capture all your employees’ talents, whether they are explicit or implicit. As a result, you obtain a true mapping system and you can put these talents into perspective against your operational and strategic needs.


Our HR strategy is based on skills. Not having perfect understanding of our employees’ assets can prevent us from sourcing the essential skills to transform our market and needs But it is impossible to tackle this challenge manually. We were convinced that an HR solution powered by Artificial Intelligence was the solution.”  Workforce Planning Manager in the Banking sector

Help your employees assess their talents every day

We foster discussions about skills. Our Artificial Intelligence platform continuously analyses the content of profiles provided by your employees to help them record their levels of expertise and new talents as easily as possible.

We are offering a new experience to put your employees in charge of their own development. Our notifications take the form of personalized suggestions to help them understand where our proposals come from and why they are useful for  progression.

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“We want all our employees to be up to speed with best practices in the insurance industry. This is why we are offering them opportunities to progress in their careers, maintain their employability and develop new skills. Considering the high level of digitalisation in companies, the HR challenge nowadays is to be in a position to personalize the employee experience and strengthen commitment; this is all the more crucial for our clients’ satisfaction and constructing the compagny of tomorrow.”  Director of Human Resources in the Insurance sector

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Have a global, detailed vision to take better action

All the data collected is reproduced in the form of statistical tools for simplifying your talent management. These are also powerful management tools for initiating strategic HR transformation plans, as well as for every manager to ensure that their team possesses the required skills.

Thanks to our solution, you can analyse the talents possessed by the most people, their development and break this down by department or business unit. Identify the gaps between the strengths of today and the tasks of tomorrow to forecast recruitment and training plans.

Act on the talents of today and of tomorrow

Your reference skill set becomes dynamic and fact-based thanks to data that we analyse on a daily basis.

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Your reference skill set is unique

We don’t impose any pre-defined reference skill sets on you. It is built up day by day according to your jobs, your vocabulary and your descriptions… It’s your culture and it’s unique.

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Key competences for each area

Regardless of whether they are broken down by group, branch, unit or team, you have the tools to understand the specific attributes for each area. Your data are structured.

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Projects and jobs that reinvent themselves

Forecasting the tasks of tomorrow is anticipating the skills required to drive transformation projects. Only a unique reference skill set brings you this agility.

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Your employees as the driving force behind your reference skill set

Built for and by employees, your reference skill set is brought to life with more depth and precision every day. HR teams stay in control and manage this dynamic structure.

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The power of AI combined with the power behind your HR actions

In addition to the suggestions proposed by our Artificial Intelligence platform, HR teams and managers can present skills and opportunities to your employees while playing by your own rules.

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Real tools for managing your reference skill set

We help you to structure your data and your categories, to integrate new talents and to detect language and meaning for simplified management despite the richness and depth of your reference skill set.