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Internal Talent Marketplace & Staffing

Dynamic matching of offers and demands for talents

Whether for internal assignments or those for external clients, identify your experts in just a few clicks and enlist better candidates for each project.

Internal Talent Marketplace et Staffing - Solutions - Your Internal Talent Marketplace
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Uncover talents and identify the best experts

Thanks to our proprietary semantic analysis engine, we can analyze multiple available data sources relating to your employees. This also applies to information included in CVs, various HR or professional tools used by your teams or freely entered by employees.

Based on this grouping and analysis, we can detect explicit and inferred talents. In this way, you can build the best teams regardless of how their talents are demonstrated.

“365Talents allows us to suggest personalized HR services that are focused on the employee, not on the job. Our solution allows for real dynamic suggestions of assignment and project opportunities to every employee according to what they like, what they can do and what they know.”  Talent Management Director in the Consulting sector


Intuitively ascertain the challenges and talents required for the success of each assignment

Our platform continuously analyzes available projects and assignments. We identify the key competences and additional talents, both hard and soft, for building the best teams.

Thanks to its integration with your project management, planning management and HR software, we guarantee employees’ availability to respond rapidly to your business challenges. The right assignment for each person and the right person for each assignment and project.

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“The 365Talents innovation is right at the centre of our three work axes, because it allows us to visualise all our internal talents in real time in a way that is completely cross-functional and by breaking down geographical barriers, which is essential when you have high staffing needs. It is imperative for us to find the talent required by our clients immediately.”  HR Project Manager in the Public sector

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Respond to aspirations and improve your employees’ levels of satisfaction

Propose assignments and projects as well as development opportunities for your employees. They take charge of their own progression and make their attributes, motivations and availability more visible.

Step by step, project by project, you will be able to continuously adapt your employees’ career paths within your organisation. Your employees become more reactive to your proposals, you become more reactive to their needs, as well as their wants in terms of staffing and progression.

Propose the right projects to your employees at the right time

Your Internal Talent Marketplace: intelligent, dynamic, agile and adapted to your business challenges.

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Your employees’ talents

Your employees evaluate their talents on their dynamic profiles and receive continuous suggestions for growth from our Artificial Intelligence platform.

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Taking professional aspirations into account

Your employees can specify the talents they want to showcase and apply, but also the ones they want to develop.

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Forecasting and managing capacity

We analyse the data related to your teams’ availability directly from your HR or planning tools to simulate or trigger booking opportunities.

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Alignment with your projects’ characteristics

Our Artificial Intelligence platform detects and measures the talents, fields of expertise and levels of seniority required for the success of your projects.

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Complete integration with your HR, project and planning tools

We plug in to your tools in order to feed data to our Artificial Intelligence platform and intelligently map their data in our interface: clients, themes, dates, team members etc…
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Your management policies aligning with your culture

You establish policies relating to the visibility of assignments and the sharing of data and profiles between employees. Our solution is adapted to your business practices and your company culture.