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Each talent has many facets and his field of possibilities is limitless. To succeed, we use origamis to inspire us. Our team adapts to each situation and stands out with the wisdom of an elephant, the speed of a bird, the cunning of a fox or the determination of a phoenix.

We work as a team

What defines the 365Talents team above all is an actively positive approach, transparency coupled with constant goodwill and a lovely collection of beards and moustaches.

12 - The team

Kévin Nougat

Fullstack Web Developer

2 - The team

Emmanuelle Masingarbe

HR Business Partner

3 1 - The team

Nicolas Prat

Front-end Developer

4 - The team

Éric Janin

Director of Product

5 - The team

Timothé Bernard

Data Researcher

Arnaud Valle - The team

Arnaud Valle

Fullstack Web Developer

Marie Cattelin - The team

Marie Cattelin

Customer Success Consultant

Rodolphe de Torquat - The team

Rodolphe de Torquat

Channel Manager

10 - The team

Fanny Boyer

International Business Developer

11 - The team

Clement Viricel

Data Researcher

Marc Olivier Castagnetti - The team

Marc-Olivier Castagnetti

Fullstack Web Developer

13 - The team

Charlotte Eba

Digital Marketing Specialist

14 - The team

Lou Fedon

Director of Engineering

15 - The team

Florian Delemarre

Fullstack Web Developer

16 - The team

Amandine Périnet

Data Science Researcher

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17 - The team

Maxime Parizot

Fullstack Web Developer

18 - The team

Guillaume Suiffet

Fullstack Web Developer​

19 - The team

Tanguy Moreau

Lead Machine Learning

20 - The team

Benoit Mathieu

Lead Data Engineer

23 - The team

Mariette Jusselme

Admin & Financial Officer

24 - The team

Pierre Ducher

Fullstack Web Developer

25 - The team

Cassandra Choppe

Training Manager

27 - The team

Elliott Tessier

Customer Success Director

julie asselin - The team

Julie Asselin

Head of Marketing

Johan Tessier - The team

Johan Tessier

DevOps Engineer

37 - The team

Robin Gauvreau

Product Owner

36 - The team

Ismail Miqdad

Customer Support Specialist

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Talent has many faces.
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31 - The team

Mathieu Martin

Chief Sales Officer

Lionel Atty 230x230 - The team

Lionel Atty

Senior Data Engineer

32 - The team

Victor Grasland

Account Director

35 - The team

Clara Tannenbaum

Customer Success Consultant

Sacha Tassart - The team

Sacha Tassart

Account Director

Jennifer Benaderette 230x230 - The team

Jennifer Benaderette

Communication Manager

Tiphanie Tourniaire - The team

Tiphanie Tourniaire

Product Owner

Alicia Lucidi - The team

Alicia Lucidi

Customer Success Consultant

Alexandre Chenevier - The team

Alexandre Chenevier

IT Project Manager

Guillaume Bertrais - The team

Guillaume Bertrais

Account Director

Jessica Djeziri - The team

Jessica Djeziri

Head of Human Resources

Igor Boulay - The team

Igor Boulay

Senior Presales Engineer

Ketcia Thach Kingsman - The team

Ketcia Thach-Kingsman

Senior Key Account Manager