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Launched at the end of 2015, 365Talents is a platform powered by Artificial Intelligence reinventing Talent Management. We are uncovering the talents of hundreds of thousands of employees at leading organisations such as Société Générale, Allianz, Orange, EY, Adeo and Crédit Agricole.
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Our vacancies

We are always looking for enthusiastic, versatile and motivated candidates in France and abroad. We have multiple opportunities across product (Development, AI and Design/UX) and customer-focused teams (Customer Success, Marketing and Business Development).

Our values

In addition to skills, we are looking for responsible, transparent, humble, positive and ethical talents. Put into practice every day, our values are pushing us forward as a company, as a team and as people.

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We like having ideas and taking initiative

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In our actions and in our daily interactions

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Conceiving, actioning and demonstrating

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Seeing opportunities instead of risks

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Developing a solution that gets the best out of AI