A secure platform that easily integrates into your ecosystem

We operate a SaaS platform adapted to your HR environment with the strictest performance and security conditions to protect your data and those of your employees.

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Data security is part of our DNA

We are committed to a total respect of the information collected and its control by every user.

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Complete integration with all your HR and professional tools

We interconnect with your IT ecosystem smoothly and seamlessly. We use existing data sources on your employees, your skills, your mobility offers and your training suggestions. Your employees connect with each other on our platform in a completely secured environment in just the click of a button using your SSO infrastructure.

Our solution is interfaced with your HCM and HRIS tools, but also with the professional tools used in your digital ecosystem on a daily basis: company social networks, planning tools, project management tools and knowledge bases.

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We follow best practices relating to the security of connections and data

All the data collected in the application is secured and the connections are encrypted to guarantee their integrity and confidentiality.

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Our architecture is adapted to deployments on the scale of our major account clients

Our systems are designed and operated to enable simultaneous use of your platform, whether your company has 1,000 or 100,000 employees.

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Strong commitments and SLAs in terms of performance and availability

We commit ourselves contractually to high service levels to put our platform’s performance at the service of HR agility.

GDPR: Protection and respect for your employees’ personal data

The data processed are hosted in France and each client’s data is kept separate, with full observance of the regulations in force. We are also frequently audited by our clients’ ISSM and Compliance teams.

Our platform is GDPR-compliant by design: Personal data are systematically validated by the employee. Their consent is obtained from their first log-in and their right to erasure is respected.

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Robust architecture and performance requirements

Our matching algorithms analyze over 20 million possibilities per hour to propose the best professional development opportunities to every employee in real-time. We have structured our technical and operational architecture for optimum processing times, enabling us to streamline the user experience on the platform.

We guarantee the availability and scalability of your platform. Our Cloud infrastructure allows for transparent scaling-up according to your needs.

Security and performance are our top priorities

Securing your data, respecting your employees’ data and the performance of our platform are the keys to successful integration.

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We are by your side 24/7

Our monitoring system enables us to monitor every second on your platform. The reactivity of our support team allows us to scrupulously meet our SLAs.

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The simplicity of a SaaS solution

We manage all the activities linked to operational maintenance of the platform for simplified use by our HRM and IT clients. You always have the latest version of our platform.

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Protection of your employees’ data

GDPR is observed through the philosophy and functionalities of our platform, through our contractual commitments, through best practices and through tools put into place within our team: documentation, training and legal monitoring.

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We fit with your IT environment

Our various API connectors, the flexibility of our product teams and the open structure of our platform enable us to analyze your data, regardless of the maturity level of your HRIS or your digital ecosystem.