Experts to help you succeed with your actions

Our support goes beyond implementing your platform. We put our HR expertise and techniques at your disposal daily to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

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From implementing your platform

We do everything in our power to support you and launch your platform in 6 weeks.

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Benefit from dedicated support every step of the way

The experience feedback from our clients has enabled us to develop 3 kick-off workshops: IT, Operational and Communication. They enable us to take 360 degree action and streamline deployment and communication about the project between managers, HR teams, the project managers and employees.

Of course, our teams are there for you throughout the platform lifetime. Our Customers and Data & Product teams will help you to take a step back from your challenges and to get the best out of your solution to achieve your objectives.

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Dedicated training for every usage example

Our Customers team organizes physical training sessions at your offices for your HR teams, your managers and your directors, so that each key player can get the best out of the platform.

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Come to the Open Labs to build the solution together

These workshops enable us to interact with our clients to improve experiences and functionalities. Users contribute to building a solution that really meets their needs.

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Food for thought gained by contributing to our HaiR Lab

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of our solution. Our lab enables us to think about the impact of AI applied to the HR field together. We learn about new technologies and their impact on the world of work.

Day-to-day talent management

Above and beyond daily monitoring, we continuously support you in moving towards greater agility in your change management. We measure the impact of your platform on your process and we share best practices with you.

Together we analyze your reference skill sets, the relevance of your employees’ profiles and the quality of mobility and training proposals suggested to your users. These interactions also enable us to build communication campaigns together with you to ensure that all the mobilized stakeholders are engaged.

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Our experts are always available

Our HR, Technical or even Product experts have set up various measuring elements to analyze the platform’s usage and impact. We support you in your transformation and in analyzing these results. These interactions enable us to guarantee the quality of the provided functionalities and feed these into our product roadmap. Under the logic of building together, we discuss new usage examples and we always work together to ensure that these solutions are perfectly adapted to your needs and your HR culture.

Professional & friendly support

Our experts are all on deck to answer your questions and support you with the success of your actions.

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Trained teams who are up to speed on the solution

Everything has been done to make the solution as simple as possible. To ensure that everything is understood, we have also built a range of tools for using the platform well. Training sessions are also organized for managers, HR teams and employees based on usage.

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Extensive, qualitative interactions between departments

We involve all the parties required for launching the project and optimum use of the solution in our workshops. We have experts to interact with your HR teams, IT department, general management and those responsible for communication: all the people who will have a role to play in your transformation.

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In-depth analysis of usage and impact

Furthermore, we go above and beyond in our work for studying the platform’s impact on your professional KPIs. During the quarterly steering meeting, we discuss the transformation achieved within your operation. It is an opportunity for us to build the next steps in our collaboration together.

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A dedicated and responsive Customers team

We know that you have professional constraints and we understand your HR issues. That is why we are available on a day-to-day basis for operational monitoring and respond to all your questions and any requests.