Fuel skills-based organizations with Design Thinking for HR

Traditionally, the role of HR has focused on administrative tasks and policy enforcement — all of it essential, but none of it transformative. But today, that's no longer the case.

HR has evolved into the more strategic arm of People Operations, designed to oversee the entire talent experience from start to finish and everything in between. This transformation has reshaped HR's strategy around skills, uncovering hidden talents and enriching their individual careers with exciting growth opportunities while allowing companies to identify the right people to drive their organization forward, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

365Talents 2024 Skills Impact Report

Transform talent journey and fuel the growth of skills-based organizations!

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly disruptive environment, companies need to adopt a more flexible approach that puts its people and their skills at the center of its talent management strategies. This has become more and more imperative as:

  • 59% of the global workforce are disengaged.
  • 69% of job candidates say they would reject a job offer from an employer with a negative reputation, even if they were unemployed.
  • 87% of organizations currently have an existing skills gap or expect to within the next two to ten years.

That’s why we created the 2024 Skills Impact Report.

It explores the business imperative of talent experience for skills-based organizations, its impact on your talent, the pillars of design thinking for HR and how to start applying it to your strategy with 5 intuitive roadmap worksheets.

Transform your company

The 2024 Skills Impact Report includes:

Foundations of an SBO

Talent experiences are foundational to creating a culture that fosters trust, proactivity and agility necessary for SBOs to thrive

Introducing Design Thinking for HR

Design experience lies at the heart of a successful employee journey, where all the aspirations for your workforce come together.

The Role of Skills Tech in HR Design

Designing a rich and fulfilling talent experience is only possible with the support of skills technology.

Design Talent Experience in 9 Steps

If you’re new to HR design, this steps are a powerful step forward tailoring your bespoke talent experience strategy.

Fuel Skills-Based Growth with HR Design

By leveraging HR design principles and following a strategic, targeted approach, you can create a successful future-state talent experience.

5 Interactive Worksheets

Customizable roadmaps to shape your talent experience design, each of which can be adapted to suit your organization's needs.

and much more!

KPIs of HR transformation

+19 000
Opportunities consulted

at Societe Generale each month.

societe generale 365talents

+68 000
Skills declared

at Veolia throughout the project.

veolia 365talents client

profiles activated

at Schlumberger.

slb client 365talents

+36 000
Opportunites consulted

at Eiffage since the launch of the project.

eiffage client 365talents

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skills impact report 2024 365talents

365Talents empowers your skills transformation

365Talents is an AI-driven decentralized talent experience solution that gives you control of your company's skills, and allows you to launch your projects with speed and technological adaptability. With 100% successful deployments under 8 weeks time, you'll have full visibility of your company's skills with unparalled velocity.

How can we help you redesign HR?

  • Real-time skills mapping.
  • Personalized career paths.
  • Increase retention and engagement.
  • Dynamic skills frameworks.
  • Optimize budget and time-to-impact.
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