Workforce Intelligence

Optimize your planning around a single source of truth

365Talents provides a centralized home for skills data and workforce analysis to better understand your organization and how it compares to the market to move quickly and confidently toward the future.

Optimize your planning around a single source of truth

Build around your organization’s unique skills

Your organization is unique, and so are your skills requirements. Our technology takes into account your specific talent management needs and creates a dynamic and personalized skills framework tailored to your organization.

365Talents’ advanced language technology ensures seamless extraction, interpretation, contextualization, and comparison of skills and job data from unstructured sources, giving you an unrivaled line of sight on your skills from a single, reliable source of truth.

Bridge skills gaps at any level

365Talents facilitates stronger skills gap action plans for your organization by leveraging your employee’s interests and ambitions to meet your business needs.

With actionable insights, dashboards and data visualizations at several levels of visibility, you can identify skill gaps before they happen and better prepare your people and your organization for the challenges of tomorrow.

Ensure up-to-date job architectures

An accurate job architecture is essential for workforce analysis and planning. With 365Talents, you can connect employee and job frameworks to enhance the quality of your insights, analysis and suggestions, ensuring your employees and your organization have the necessary skills for job evolutions. 

Map, analyze and stay up-to-date on roles and responsibilities with internal and external data sources to visualize their evolution and optimize your talent management.

Stay one step ahead with real-time market trends

365Talents' advanced AI system surpasses traditional skill forecasting and workforce analysis by efficiently identifying the most relevant skills in the market and recognizing trending jobs while taking into account the specific challenges faced by your organization, whether related to climate change, gender equality, new markets, or strategic shifts. 

By aligning jobs and skills to address these challenges, HR professionals can proactively adapt their workforce and ensure their organization's success in a rapidly changing landscape.

Enrich your IT ecosystem with integrated skills data

365Talents integrates seamlessly into your IT ecosystem, integrating with your HCM and HRIS software as well as daily business tools.

Integration allows 365Talents to enrich employees profiles from Day 1 with smart suggestions and imported data while providing HR with the clarity of a central, holistic view of the jobs and skills at your company.

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Thanks to 365Talents, we offer our employees personalized HR services to help them be more active in their career by helping them to develop their skills and to reflect on their future. This allows us to make the internal job market more fluid and to reinforce our HR transparency approach. — Cristèle Pernoud, Head of HRIS and Operational Model Strategy
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We are really satisfied with the platform. Not only with the onboarded HR teams, but we are also thrilled that managers can now clearly see the daily benefits of the Talents platform.

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