Envision new career paths & unlock potential

Think about career paths in a new way.

We don't believe that the only way is up. 365Talents supports and empowers your employees to be in the driver’s seat of their development and chart personalized career paths suited to their goals, experience and interests.

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Personalize career paths to employee ambitions and interests

365Talents' skills-focused AI provides tailored career path guidance suited to your people's goals, experiences and interests.

With personalized career insights and suggestions based on self-declared experiences and ambitions, employees are empowered to unleash their potential and see a world beyond job descriptions and traditional careers paths.

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Unleash creativity to chart a mobility course to any role

We want to empower your people to chart a new professional course, whatever direction that may take them.

365Talents can provide the training and skills development suggestions to help your people see new futures and take control of their careers according to their interests and ambitions.

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Support employees with a plan to reach their goals

Once your employees are able to see their future, they're going to need HR's help to bridge their skills gaps and take the next step in their careers. 

365Talents helps HR support employees on their career paths, with development plans, trainings and mentorship opportunities so that your people can reach any role.

Having an impact on careers

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"365Talents is an approach to HR support for employees that transforms our HR professions and strengthens the collaborative and cooperative role of managers."

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"We've noted that the suggestions allow an increased number of candidates on internal jobs and favor the kind of mobility we wish to develop."
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"We are really satisfied with the platform. Not only with the onboarded HR teams, but we are also thrilled that managers can now clearly see the daily benefits of the Talents platform.

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Dynamic career pathing, powered by 365Talents

Whether you use traditional career pathing or take a skills-first approach to explore a wider world of mobilities, 365Talents empowers your employees to visualize their career development and begin preparing for it today.

Unlock dynamic career paths

With 365Talents, HR can define “classic” career paths, based on the traditional ladder vision, or let the AI suggest dynamic career paths based on relevant and transferable skills instead of job descriptions.

Boost employee engagement

In addition to skills, your people can self-declare their career ambitions and interests, which promotes employee empowerment and ownership of their career path.

Visualize roadmaps to realize career goals

With 365Talents, employees can see different ways to achieve their goals by exploring the career paths of colleagues who are in the positions they aspire to reach.

Suggest trainings to improve candidacy

365Talents suggests trainings so that all employees can develop the skills to move forward on their career path and apply with confidence, further diversifying your talent pool.

Plan for both immediate or long-term mobility offers

With visibility on all available job descriptions, an employee can identify the positions that may interest them in the future and develop their skills for them today.

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See your people clearly in a world beyond job descriptions.