Career Developer

The talent development choice for empowering career pathing

Empower your employees to chart personalized career paths with the 365Talents Career Developer solution.

The talent development choice for empowering career pathing

Show your people a world of career opportunities

365Talents empowers your people to chart their own course by increasing visibility of the career possibilities that exist across your organization.
Not only can your people self-declare their skills, experiences and ambitions in over 45+ languages, but 365Talents provides clearer visibility for your employees on their professional profile and the paths available for talent development.

Offer personalized talent development suggestions

365Talents lets employees take charge of their own development by helping them understand the skills gaps that need to be bridged to achieve their career goals, with advanced LMS integration to encourage immediate action. 

Personalized training, relevant learning resources and mentor matching based on existing and expected skill level as well as declared career interests empower your people while providing HR with organizational visibility to create mutually beneficial L&D plans.

Streamline your performance optimization strategy

365Talents is your employees' personal career companion, tailored to help them enhance their skills and excel in their current role with centralized career pathing information. 

Employees gain valuable insights into their skills and where they stand compared to the requirements of their job. 365Talents not only pinpoints their strengths but also highlights areas for improvement and suggests a clear roadmap to bridge the gap and elevate their performance.

Stay ahead of skills gaps with real-time assessment

365Talent automatically integrates links between your employees' job titles and corresponding job frameworks for continuous assessment of your employees' profiles with smart skill suggestions. 

This allows you to promote ongoing engagement, leading to improved profile completion, and optimized performance reviews, and identification of skills gaps that in turn ensure that your employees possess all the relevant skills required for talent development. 

Find the right talents faster with better job descriptions

365Talents leverages skills insights and AI recommendations to provide valuable data on the desired experiences and required competencies, allowing you to create and design better job and project descriptions.

As your organization evolves, you can easily update these descriptions with insight and inspiration from within the organization and across the market, identifying skills gaps and opportunities for career development at the same time.

Anticipate the future of work at your company

365Talents offers a comprehensive analysis of your organization's jobs and skills, providing a global and in-depth understanding of the evolution of jobs and your workforce.

Transform your business and develop effective upskilling and recruitment strategies with the knowledge and visibility of high-level skills mapping and market insights that leverage advanced generative AI technology to surpass traditional skill identification.

Ensure seamless succession for key strategic roles

Succession planning is more than an internal mobility, it is a nuanced form of high-level strategic staffing.

365Talents’s award-winning AI monitors more skills per employee to identify the talents who can best step into key positions for smooth transitions, explaining how the skills and potential of each individual align with your business continuity needs and the future capabilities required for the role.

Our customers say it better than us

Thanks to 365Talents, we offer our employees personalized HR services to help them to become the drivers of their own career by helping them value, reflect and develop the skills of tomorrow.
Quitterie de Fonbrune, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning, Societe Generale
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"Smooth and comprehensive experience with a dedicated and open team. The tool is innovative and agile"
Sonia Fosse, CHRO Segula Technologies
Client Segula 365Talents

365Talents highlights everyone's skills within the company. As a manager, it really helps for project assignments and individual recognition. It's a really innovative tool for CA-CIB HR.
Crédit Agricole Corporate Investment Bank
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