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Life at 365Talents

At 365Talents, we believe there is power in how we choose to describe ourselves.

That’s why our AI-driven decentralized talent experience platform gives employees the power to self-declare skills in their own words, on their own terms — giving managers the vision to uncover the unexpected, so organizations can move quickly and purposefully toward the future.

With 365Talents, companies including Allianz, EY, Schlumberger and Societe Generale are embracing a uniquely employee-centric approach to talent mobility and skill development to create a more democratic, inclusive and future-ready world of work.

After pioneering a skills-focused, employee-first approach to talent management in France, 365Talents is expanding internationally across Europe and North America.

Our values

Beyond the skills relevant to each individual role, 365Talents is looking for people who share our corporate values.


We are proactive owners of our work.


We don’t hide information, either internally or externally to clients.


We put the team and the product first, self-promotion and individualism


We seek to bring a relaxed and unwaveringly understanding approach to work every day.


We promote a vision and a product that is respectful of and beneficial for everyone.

Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process is short (3 weeks) and collaborative. The whole process is designed to allow you to see yourself on the team and at 365Talents:

  • First video call meeting with Audrey, our talent manager,
  • Interview with your future manager,
  • (Technical) test, chosen and submitted by a manager,
  • Debriefing of the test during a video exchange with the team,
  • Reference check from a former manager and “reverse reference check” – your opportunity to call an internal employee to learn more about us.

You will find the values of 365 Talents at every stage of your process: fairness, transparency and positivity. Of course we are looking for professional skills but above all we are looking for people who share our 365Talents mindset.

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365talents culture of trust

A culture of trust

  • Responsibility: When you arrive, we’ll roll out an onboarding red carpet of support, but as soon as you’re ready, we’re eager to let you take ownership of your work.
  • Transparency: We make information and people are accessible. We also seek out the opinions of new employees from the start of their time with us to establish a healthy and sincere exchange. 
  • Work-life balance: Our work is a marathon, not a sprint. That means we take time to take care of ourselves and you’ll never be asked to work on evenings and weekends.
  • Workplace flexibility: In the office or working remotely from home or elsewhere, you decide where you feel comfortable.
365talents a mission we live

A mission we live

  • Our corporate mission is to grow the careers of our 100,000 users in an ethical manner, i.e. without discrimination and regardless of gender, age or origin. We take this same mission to heart with the development of our own people too.
  • Personalised support for career growth: We have set up a grid of expectations for each of the company's positions and schedule regular check-ins between personal ambitions and professional objectives. We also offer a variety of tools for increasing skills (training, coaching, entry to meetups, books).
365talents benefits


  • Fair and competitive remuneration that is discussed every year. 
  • Social benefits according to your country of residence: health care coverage, remote work allowance, welcome pack (Mac), parent support (paid sick child days, one month parental leave after birth, free health care coverage of children)
  • Flexible hours: Everyone manages their workload as they see fit, respecting their responsibilities and rest/disconnection times.
  • Company events: Regular team building activities among colleagues, off-sites four times a year including a destination work retreat once a year.
365talents recognition


  • Culture of freedom of expression, listening, initiative-taking and team spirit
  • Celebration of individual successes via Slack channels and communication on achievements via short presentations in front of the company. 
  • Celebration of personal life: birthdays are celebrated, and funds are organized for births and departures
365talents healthy working environment

A healthy working environment

  • Comfortable offices with different working spaces available
  • Flexible working hours and frequent teleworking
  • Various annual employee satisfaction questionnaires and requests for feedback on training, well-being at work, workload, etc.
  • Tested and approved collaboration tools
  • Extra-professional activities: group sports classes, regular happy hours and breakfasts

Tech at 365Talents

Our tech team is made up of around 20 developers, divided into autonomous teams and responsible for a specific scope. We work closely with the product team during the design of features and their development, as each team has its own Product Owner. We work according to the Agile philosophy but let the teams make the day-to-day organizational decisions.

On a day-to-day basis, the entire organization is based on teamwork. We have built teams that are involved, responsible and supportive. We are also very attentive to technical debt management and continuous improvement, and dedicate time to improving our technical environment and our working methods. We make time for learning and personal development, particularly for junior developers, through peer programming.

We subscribe to the philosophy that our work is a marathon, not a sprint. We make the most informed decisions possible by analyzing problems before solving them, and we are careful not to lose focus. Although we sometimes have complex technical issues, we keep in mind that the goal is to bring value to our end users.

The agile principle to which we are most attached is continuous improvement. By nature of experimentation in our organization, we have come, in addition to the classic agile rituals (standup, planning, review, retrospective), to do backlog grooming every week.

We pay attention to the quality of our communication but also to the best use of our time. We use the written word whenever possible: On Slack to "discuss" asynchronously and on Asana to document decisions.

We manage our technical debt by devoting 1 day every 2 weeks outside of a sprint, the content of which is chosen by the developers

Discover the stacks we use via https://stackshare.io/companies/365talents

Open roles

We are always looking for enthusiastic, versatile and motivated candidates in France and abroad who share our vision for a people-centered world of work.

If you're ready to chart a new course for your career — and be a part of creating a more democratized approach to HR, please don't hesitate to apply.

I was lucky enough to be able to move to another position at 365Talents (and yes, we don't just sell internal mobility, we practice it!), which was a real step forward in my career. Management is very attentive, all I had to do was talk about it and 6 months later, I was starting a new adventure!
Marc-Olivier, AI Software Engineer

Our offices

Paris, France

WeWork - 192 avenue de France, 75 013

Lyon, France

65 cours de la liberté, 69003

NY, United States

27 W 20th St – 10011

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