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Thanks to 365Talents, we offer our employees personalized HR services to help them to become the drivers of their own career by helping them value, reflect and develop the skills of tomorrow. - Quitterie de Fonbrune, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning
80,000 employees deployed

Industry: Banking and Insurances Company size: 117,000

eiffage construction
"We worked with 365Talents to have better visibility on our professional opportunities. In 2019, we set up a pilot. We needed a simple and fun tool: declare skills and upload your profile.” - Adeline Azhari, Director of HR Development
6 weeks for deployment

Industry: Energy & Utilities. Company size: 73,000

"Because we know this tool is indispensable for supporting our transformation, we engaged everyone in this project: HR, the digital team, the employees and 365Talents." - Gwenola Martin, HR Director, CDC
72 000 engagements on opportunities

Industry: Public & Education. Company size: 125,000

The deployment of a pilot for different countries of the Group was a success. Simple, agile, and efficient! - Sonia de Freitas, Head of Talent Management, Learning & Development
3 languages ​​in the framework

Industry: Energy & Utilities. Company size: 220,000.

We didn't have any harmonization of skills repositories across the Group, and it was essential to change that to meet our customers' challenges in international markets. - Arnaud Andorra, Global Talent Manager
80,000 skills declared

Industry: Consulting Company size: 15,000

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