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talent bomb
Employee Engagement & Experience

Talent bomb, explained: Solving HR's latest crisis

The "talent bomb" is the latest crisis concerning HR. Here's everything you need to know about what it is and how to diffuse the bomb before it explodes!

10 min.
skills management
Skills Framework & Mapping

Everything you need to know about skills management

Skills management is fundamental to achieving success as a skills-based organization. Learn more about the objective and benefits here.

5 min.
skills management tools
Skills Framework & Mapping

Your guide to skills management tools

Skills management is a core part of leading a skills-based organization and your choice of tool will be essential for managing the work.

8 min.
skills shortage
Employee Engagement & Experience

How to overcome the skills shortage

The skills shortage is a rising, persistent concern for HR managers. Learn how skills management can help you overcome the challenge and optimize your recruitment.

11 min.
Skills Tech & Skills Intelligence

Who's afraid of ChatGPT?

Let’s be honest: Generative AI scares people. But let’s put a pause on the catastrophizing for a moment and look at the reality as we bust 7 common myths about the technology.

12 min.
365talents api first solution

365Talents unveils API-First for tailored TX

365Talents is thrilled to share its latest skills intelligence milestone: 365Talents Skills Intelligence & Smart Suggestion APIs.

5 min.
Employee Engagement & Experience

Engage employees in the flow of work with Teams

365Talents' Microsoft Teams integration is exemplary of what a flow of work integration can unleash for employee engagement at your company.

4 min.
Skills Tech & Skills Intelligence

Solving the Skills Tech challenge for SBOs

Managing skills at a global scale is not a walk in the park and becoming a skills-based organization is a complicated question of for solution providers. Here's how we tackle the challenges of SBOs with our skills tech.

7 min.
Talent Experience

Why global workforces need multilingual HR solutions

In an increasingly globalized world, cultural and linguistic diversity is becoming the norm at organizations of all sizes. So, too, is the necessity of having an HR tech stack that meets the language needs of such a workforce.

8 min.
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