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Upskilling & Reskilling

How to conduct a skills gap analysis

Just 10% of organizations have a skills database that includes a profile for each employee. It's imperative to have a clear picture of the skills and skills gaps your company possess to maximize output, drive innovation, and effectively prepare for the future.

6 min.

365Talents introduces innovative new solution to drive transformation

365Talents is excited to announce the launch of SkillsDrive™ — an innovative solution designed to drive transformation projects through customized skills surveys and powerful skills intelligence and analysis.

3 min.
Talent Experience

Everything you need to know about SBOs

In this article, we explore the benefits of skills-based organizations (SBOs) and what it takes to shift the focus of your HR strategies in this direction.

6 min.
Skills Tech

How to build a skills-based HR tech stack

Discover how to design your own stack, layer by layer and tool by tool. By the end, you'll have the perfect tech blend to support your HR team and your employees' development.

11 min.
Skills Tech

3 proof points that will win over your CFO

We want to make it easy for you to get your HR tech solution sell over the finish line, so we’ve made this handy cheat sheet to share with your CFO to calm their concerns and keep your project moving. 

4 min.
Skills Tech

How to decode activation rates

In this article, we unpack what makes a good activation rate, why it can be so hard to define (and benchmark!) activation rates, and share some of our own activation rates for transparency and comparison’s sake.

5 min.
Skills Tech

10 questions to ensure your tech brings value

Even after you’ve identified the solution that aligns with your business goals and approach, it’s important to do your due diligence on whether it can bring value to your company.

11 min.
Skills Tech

Why HR needs a best-of-breed approach

As HR professionals, you know that providing a great talent experience to your employees is essential. In today's business world, technology is a crucial tool for achieving this goal.

8 min.
ROI hr tech
Skills Tech

4 ways Skills Tech helps HR reach ROI

You already know how central skills are to HR, but have you reserved a line-item in your budget for skills solutions? Here's why HR should invest in Skills Tech to boost your ROI.

6 min.
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