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Start your skills journey with us: build your skills-based strategy with Europe’s most integrated AI-powered talent management platform


Start your skills journey with us

In a sea of so-called Skills Management tools, 365Talents stands out as the masterbuilders of Skills-Based Organizations. We go beyond traditional approaches, offering more than just technology. Picture real-time insights into your workforce's skills, coupled with the expertise to implement strategic HR projects aligning with your business goals. It's not just a skills journey; it's a transformation crafted with you by our expert Skills navigators.  Embark on your Skills journey now.

Skills management has never been this transformative

1 million employees empowering their career

365Talents is the talent experience platform that enables your employees to drive their career development and empower their skills through personalized career paths.

5,000 HR leaders are creating skills-based organizations

More than 5,000 HR leaders are creating skills-based organizations and finding the talents they need for the business goals they want to achieve with 365Talents.

3 million skills uncovered by our AI last year

365Talents’ skills management process is designed to assist you with the tough tasks of data management, allowing you to concentrate on your essential talent use cases and strategic insights on your workforce.

The undisputed leader in talent experience

users in 60+ countries

skills uncovered

career moves initiated every day

success on implementation

Become a skills-based organization now

Future-proof Talent

Leverage personalized skills mapping, smart suggestions and data visualization to prepare your people for the future

Engage & Retain

Inspire loyalty and increase retention with a talent experience that engages your people in your company's growth.

Increase Mobility & Diversity

Staff hard-to-fill roles, projects and gigs faster with smart suggestions and increased visibility for better applicants.

Upskill & Reskill

Empower your people to own their career path, anticipating their skill development needs and suggesting relevant resources

Align Frameworks

Connect the most declared skills for each role to your job and career frameworks to offer more dynamic career paths.

Drive Strategy

Uncover unparalleled visibility and actionable skills insights and trends to bridge skills gaps and plan for the future.

Transform your organization from within with the power of skills.

Talent Marketplace

Assemble dream teams with the power of skills-first matching.

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365Talents Talent Marketplace

Career Developer

Ignite excellence in every role with people-centered career pathing.

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365Talents Career Developer

Workforce Intelligence

Plan for the future with unprecedented visibility on your talents.

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Workforce intellignece
365Talents Talent Marketplace365Talents Career DeveloperWorkforce intellignece

See how our AI-powered technology can make a positive impact at your company.

For you, HR

Put the heart back into HR.

Our technology erases the headaches of time-consuming tasks like skills mapping and job frameworks and lets your HR specialists get back to what matters most: Your people.

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365Talents skills mapping

For your managers

Uncover your hidden gems.

365Talents lets managers understand the capabilities of their team, find the perfect fit for their latest gig and foster a better day-to-day talent experience. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

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365Talents staffing opportunities

For your people

Celebrate skills self-declaration.

Employee-first business starts with empowering your people. Our AI uses their own words and on their own terms to connect skills with opportunities.

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365Talents skills self-declaration
365Talents skills mapping365Talents staffing opportunities365Talents skills self-declaration

Our clients say it better than us

Discover what our clients love about the 365Talents experience.

Just love how 365Talents’ platform is transforming mobility at Veolia. As a manager, I love having the view on all my teams’ skills and it helps me identify potential moves to offer to my collaborators.
Alexandre Guyon, SVP Solid Waste Recycling and Recovery
logo veolia client 365Talents

365Talents helps our employees, HR, and company to prepare the future
Anne-Catherine Ropers, Deputy General Manager - Global Head of HR
logo credit agricole client 365Talents

Successful Implementation and roll out of the 365Talents
Hughes Verdier, Partner
logo bearingpoint client 365Talents

365Talents is very easy to use and very intuitive.
Pascal Moraux, Human Resources Manager
logo tessi client 365Talents

ROI uncovered by 365Talents

78 000

Easily manage your skills at scale like Societe Generale, with nearly 80,000 employees

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Choose our platform like EY did for their 2,000 consultants. Optimize your talent experience and missions!



Achieve a +75% activation rate, like RTE with their 7,000 employees. Create a world of new opportunities and career paths.

Skills Mapped

For Credit Agricole, saving 6 months of work. Let AI chart a new course for your employees

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Skills Management is more than a task – it's a journey, and we're here to make it extraordinary.