Uncover the power of integration

HR tech projects failing to launch?

Did you know that according to Josh Bersin Co., 42% of HR pros are struggling with HR tech implementation?

For HR leaders choosing the best-of-breed approach, the failure of one implementation can have a serious impact on your HR projects at large. It’s no surprise that Unleash lists “Investing in Integration” as the No. 3 rule for successful HR tech projects.

It’s also why we made integration a core feature of 365Talents, ensuring that your talent management platform can supercharge your HR projects as a central database for sharing skills data across your stack.

Uncover the game-changing benefits of 365Talents integrated talent management

Say goodbye to fragmented processes and hello to a holistic talent management solution!

Unlock the full potential of your workforce by embracing the power of integration with 365Talents’:

  • Learning
  • Assessment
  • Collaboration
  • HRIS

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Discover the integrated 365Talents approach


Make your solutions work smarter with seamless integrations

We want to make it easy for you to get your HR tech projects over the finish line.

Optimize communication within your tech stack with frictionless integration, using the 365Talents skills-based talent management solution.


A learning management system (LMS) helps your people uncover and act on upskilling and professional development opportunities.

Integrating with a talent experience solution like 365Talents supercharges your LMS with skills data and puts your people at the center of your development strategies. 

365Talents integrates with EdFlex, 360Learning and RiseUp, among other popular LMS solutions. 


An HR assessment tool engages your employee to develop their potential and understand their interests, ambitions and skills better through soft skill assessments including behavioral, cognitive and personality tests.

When you integrate 365Talents with your assessment tool, you can connect and incorporate this professional assessment data into your people's skills data set so that all your tools can benefit from these insights.

365Talents integrates with AssessFirst, Prismo and SHL, among other popular assessment solutions. 


Workplace collaboration tools are a category of software solutions that allow companies and individuals to communicate better and work together.

Integrating your collaboration tools with a talent management solution like 365Talents streamlines the talent experience and process by bringing it directly into the communication and collaboration platform that employees are already using.

365Talents integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workzone, among other popular collaboration solutions. 


An HRIS is an all-in-one tool which fuels HR processes and workflows for recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation, learning, succession and development.

When you integrate 365Talents with your HRIS, you seamlessly connect and enhance your existing HRIS tools, optimizing the talent management process with smart skills intelligence and opportunity suggestions to boost internal mobility and optimize career development planning.

365Talents integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle and Altays, among other popular HRIS solutions. 

What they achieved

+19 000
Opportunities consulted

at Societe Generale each month

logo societe generale client 365Talents

+68 000
Skills Declared

at Veolia

logo veolia client 365Talents

profiles activated

at Schlumberger

36 000
Opportunites consulted

at Eiffage since the launch of the project


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KPIs of an HR tech revolution

weeks from launch to impact platform launch

onboarding and impact in as few as 6 weeks

decrease in employee turnover

on average across 365Talents' clients

increase in internal mobility

on average across 365Talents' clients

decrease in outsourced projects

on average across 365Talents' clients

saved in solution costs

on average to implement 365Talents vs. competitive solutions

Saved in employee replacement

on average for a 10K employee company

saved in external recruitment

on average for a 10K employees company

increase in employee engagement

on average accross 365Talents' clients


What is 365Talents?

365Talents is a solution that gives you control of your company's skills and allows you to launch your projects with speed and technological adaptability. With just 6 weeks deployment time you'll have full visibility of your company's skills with unparalled velocity.

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