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Introducing the 365Talents ROI Toolbox, a collection of articles, assessments, calculators and other resources to help you build, implement and deliver on the business value of skills technology.

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We’ve created a special ROI toolbox just for you! Why? Because we know how challenging it can be show the business value of HR projects and keep them moving.

In this toolbox you will get the resources you need to:

  • Get buy-in: Tools for measuring your readiness for SkillsTech
  • Get started: Tools for laying a strong foundation for ROI
  • Get results: Tools for nailing the KPIs of your solution

You'll also find: An ROI calculator to help you simulate all of your HR tech projects, proof points to win over your CFO, all the questions you need to ask before choosing a skills solution, and more!

Measure your ROI & Strategic Readiness


Step 1: Win over your CFO

We want to make it easy for you to get your HR tech solution over the finish line, so this tool box contains a handy cheat sheet to keep your project moving. You'll learn 3 key proof points that will win over your CFO.

Step 2: Discover the ROI calculator

Check out our ROI calculator and simulate the business impact you can make for a variety of skills-driven use cases. This toolbox contains just the calculator you need to make your work just a little bit easier!

Step 3: Exceed your KPIs

After you’ve identified the solution that aligns with your business goals, it’s important to set clear, relevant KPIs that align with your goals and the value proposition of your chosen tech. Learn what metrics to use and why.

What they achieved

+19 000
Opportunities consulted

at Societe Generale each month

logo societe generale client 365Talents

+68 000
Skills Declared

at Veolia

logo veolia client 365Talents

profiles activated

at Schlumberger

36 000
Opportunites consulted

at Eiffage since the launch of the project


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KPIs of an HR revolution

weeks from launch to impact platform launch

onboarding and impact in as few as 6 weeks

decrease in employee turnover

on average across 365Talents' clients

increase in internal mobility

on average across 365Talents' clients

decrease in outsourced projects

on average across 365Talents' clients

saved in solution costs

on average to implement 365Talents vs. competitive solutions

Saved in employee replacement

on average for a 10K employee company

saved in external recruitment

on average for a 10K employees company

increase in employee engagement

on average accross 365Talents' clients


What is 365Talents?

365Talents is a solution that gives you control of your company's skills and allows you to launch your projects with speed and technological adaptability. With just 6 weeks deployment time you'll have full visibility of your company's skills with unparalled velocity.

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