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Discover a comprehensive collection of articles, assessments, guides and other resources designed to assist you in building, implementing, and delivering the value of your skills transformation.

365Talents SBO Toolbox

Access the Skills-Based Organization Toolbox

We’ve created a special Skills-Based Organization (SBO) toolbox just for you! Why? Because we know how challenging it can be show the value of skills and Skills-Based Organizations when you're trying to implement your transformation journey.

In this toolbox you will get the resources you need to:

  • Navigate Skills-Based Organizations: Tools for understanding what they are, their benefits, challenges and how to get started.
  • Cross from job to skills-based approach: Tools for starting, continuing or finishing your skills transformation.
  • Leverage HR Tech and AI: Tools for harnessing the power of Tech and AI to make the most out of your Skills-Based Organization.

You'll also find: An SBO Quiz to assess your readiness and stage, the strategies to follow, all the questions you need to ask before and throughout your journey, and more!

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365Talents SBO Toolbox

Navigate Skills-Based Organizations

Becoming a skills-based organization isn't without its challenges. Understanding and mastering the concept, its benefits, and its potential impact on your company are crucial. As organizations increasingly adopt this model, the shift becomes essential for attracting, engaging, and retaining talent through transformed HR strategies centered on employees' skills. You can start today!

365Talents SBO Toolbox

Job-centric to skills-based approach

Skills-Based Organizations excel in today's disruptive work landscape because they understand that everyone possesses innate talent and the ability to develop new potential. Prioritizing skills in 2024 planning is paramount, offering flexibility throughout the talent lifecycle while establishing a shared language and currency for employee development. Empower your HR team and management with invaluable insights for strategic decision-making and business intelligence.

365Talents SBO Toolbox

Leverage HR Technologies and AI

Automation, artificial intelligence, Metaverse, and even getting to grips with remote meeting technology all illustrate that the working world has leaped forward at a rate of knots. To keep up with the changing landscape, companies must focus on empowering employees with the skills and opportunities they need to stay competitive. This is where your HR tech stack comes into its own, allowing you to create a rich and varied menu of skills-focused tools.

Skills based organizations

Dive into the Skills-Based Organization Toolbox

As fervent advocates of the skills-focused approach, we are thrilled to share this toolbox and help you become a pioneer in the field.

KPIs of a Skills Revolution

6 weeks
from launch to impact

onboarding and impact in as few as 6 weeks

10% decrease
in employee turnover

on average across 365Talents' clients

30% increase
in internal mobility

on average across 365Talents' clients

25% decrease
in outsourced projects

on average across 365Talents' clients

saved in solution costs

on average to implement 365Talents vs. competitive solutions

€4M saved
in employee replacement

on average for a 10 000 employee company

€1M saved
in external recruitment

on average for a 10 000 employee company

increase in employee engagement

on average across 365Talents' clients

365Talents SBO Toolbox

What is 365Talents?

In a sea of Skills Management tools, 365Talents stands out as the expert navigator for Skills-Based Organizations. We go beyond traditional approaches, offering more than just technology or managing skills: we make the entire process seamless, effective, and enjoyable so you can focus on the most important: your people.

365Talents’ unique insights into talent mobility and skill development contribute to creating a more democratic, inclusive, and future-ready workforce where every individual has the power to shape their professional journey. 

Have real-time insights of your team's skills, coupled with our expertise to implement strategic HR projects aligned to your business goals.

Start your skills journey today and join the ranks of trailblazers like Veolia, SLB, Total Energies, SocGen, and more. Let's unlock your full potential together!

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