The 2023 Skills Impact Report

2023 Skills Impact Report

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2023 Skills Impact Report

Solve your transformation challenges today with the powerful impact of skills

HR leaders recognize the importance of skills:

  • 72% of L&D leaders consider "skills" — referring to both digital skills and upskilling/reskilling employees — as the most pressing concern in the world
  • 49% of organizations have boosted their L&D spending in 2022 from 41% in 2021 – a 20% year-on-year increase. 
  • 71 to 90% of organizations that have begun such large-scale skills transformations believe it positively impacts company strategy, employee performance, satisfaction, and employer brand reputation. 

Nonetheless, it can oftentimes be hard to put into words why it is so crucial to invest in skills-based transformation.

That’s why we created the 2023 Skills Impact Report.

This report, which features original insights from Accenture, Axa Climate School, Credit Agricole, OpenClassrooms and OpenWeb, takes a deep dive into the impact of adopting a skills-based approach to your HR strategy and explores the myriad ways it can transform your organization and help you move quickly and purposefully toward the future.

"Now, we require skills that revolve around engaging people...We have to train our leaders to own that and develop a true consciousness about their role in nurturing our people talent." - Bruno Falempin, Global HR and People Executive, OpenWeb
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