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How Believe supported and retained talents in hypergrowth

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Founded in 2005, Believe accelerated significantly in recent years, with strong growth in both business and headcount. The HR department, created in 2019, thus faced a number of challenges.

At Believe, the recruitment of new employees is partly based on the modeling of skills (technical and behavioral) expected on the job. This data is then taken up and used throughout the employee's time at the company, from performance to development, including career planning within the organization. This facilitates the employee experience, brings objectivity to decision-making and improves talent retention.


Although the team's primary objective in selecting 365Talents was to map the Group's skills, Sandrine Bossard and Damien Montvernay, Chief of Staff, focused as well on three objectives, to:

1. Give employees visibility on their careers at Believe

2. Enable everyone to develop their skills

3. Improve internal mobility and retain recruited talent

Read the case study to discover how 365Talents and Believe worked together on these goals.


The rapid implementation of the 365Talents solution means that today's employees have visibility over their careers and can train in skills that match their profile, in order to support Believe's artists and labels with the best possible expertise.

"We've taken the decision to place education at the center of our culture, for the development and commitment of our employees, through effective and central management of skills data." - Sandrine Bossard, Chief People Officer, Believe
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