How 365Talents integrates with your LMS to boost upskilling and L&D initiatives

A learning management system (LMS) helps your people uncover and act on upskilling and professional development opportunities. Integrating with a talent experience solution like 365Talents supercharges your LMS with skills data and puts your people at the center of your development strategies. 

When you integrate your 365Talents with your LMS, your skills framework is centralized, unified and shared between your solutions to upskill your people on the right expertises. 

For your employees, integration helps centralize their data on past trainings and new skills acquired, engaging them with smart suggestions for new learning opportunities based on their job and desired skills.

For managers, integration offers unique insights to better know their team’s expertise and identify what skills they are missing, to solve skill gaps before they appear.

Finally, for HR, integration can improve your employee skills and performance with cost-effective personalized training suggestions, ensuring resources are used by increasing the training completion rate.

365Talents integrates with EdFlex, 360Learning and RiseUp, among other popular LMS solutions. 

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