The Journey of a Global Technology Leader: Transitioning to a Skills-Based Organization through API-First Approach

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In the ever-changing landscape of the energy sector, adaptability and innovation are paramount. With 99,000 employees from 170 different nationalities, this company is a model of excellence, providing cutting-edge technologies and services to the energy sector worldwide. However, in the pursuit of continuous improvement, even industry giants like this leader recognize the need to evolve and innovate.

Recognizing the Imperative for Change

In 2021, the company embarked on a skills-based organization journey, aiming to transform its approach to talent management. Faced with the challenges inherent in the industry's dynamic nature, the organization saw the need to move to a skills-based organization. This strategic shift marked a departure from traditional role-centric models to one that prioritized the skills and competencies of its workforce.

Overcoming Challenges with Determination

The company faced several key challenges on its path to becoming a skills-based organization. One major obstacle was the incomplete mapping of employee skills across the workforce. Lacking a full understanding of the talents available, the organization risked underutilizing its most valuable asset: its people. 

Given its specific context, the company operates within a complex ecosystem consisting of a variety of in-house developed tools. This is why an internal portal has been set up to centralize data from all these tools. Additionally, the company maintains a significant amount of employee data, including their professional history, list of assignments, projects, appraisals, and more. The goal is to enhance their existing HR systems with skills intelligence without introducing a new platform.

Setting Clear Objectives for Transformation

With a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, the company outlined its objectives for the transformation initiative:

  • Create a Dynamic Skills Framework: Establish a dynamic and personalized skills framework linked to specific job roles to assess employee capabilities accurately.
  • Optimize Talent Identification and Mobility: Enhance the identification of relevant employees for specific roles and facilitate internal mobility by suggesting career paths based on skills.
  • Strategic Skills Monitoring: Dynamically monitor the skills landscape to identify strengths and areas for improvement across the organization.

Putting Skills at the Heart of HR Strategy

To address these challenges and achieve its objectives, the company partnered with 365Talents to support it in driving this transformation through its API Skills Intelligence solution. The approach is to strategically integrate 365Talents' skills intelligence and intelligent suggestions functionalities into the company’s existing talent platform. 

365Talents Skills Intelligence API seamlessly integrates skills extraction, identification, matching, and other crucial talent experience functionalities, empowering the HR team to build dynamic and personalized skills frameworks so they can:

  • Gain full visibility over their workforce for better decision-making.
  • Analyze HR data at all organizational levels for improved strategies.
  • Extract and centralize skills data from various sources.
  • Enrich skills framework with employee and market insights.
  • Match skills between employees, jobs, and learning opportunities.
  • Suggest personalized learning and career paths.

By leveraging 365Talents' expertise, the company was able to consolidate its skills data and establish a unified skills ontology and framework. It also benefited from recommendations on effective communication and change management practices. Additionally, our clients benefit from shared best practices for deployment and operations within our extensive client network. This enables the company to deliver a seamless and personalized talent experience for employees right into their existing core HR systems.

Our collaboration extends beyond APIs integration. Ensuring the project's success, we consistently provide our expertise and guidance on mapping various functionalities within our client’s HR systems, pinpointing the optimal APIs to deploy at the appropriate junctures. This approach guarantees that our client's HR system benefits maximally from the capabilities of 365Talents’ AI, while maintaining a streamlined and up-to-date data lifecycle. We accomplish this through close collaboration, engaging in biweekly meetings, and attentively addressing all inquiries from our clients.

Lou Fedon


Director Of Engineering

With the successful integration of 365Talents' Skills Intelligence API, the company unveiled the "My Skills" talent management platform—an innovative hub that places skills at the forefront of HR strategy. By providing visibility into career paths and empowering employees to navigate their professional development journey, the platform enhances the overall employee experience.

Driving Success through Collaboration and Innovation

The company’s journey toward becoming a skills-based organization exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in driving organizational success. By embracing the API-first approach and partnering with 365Talents, this organization has not only transformed its talent management practices but has also positioned itself for continued growth and excellence in the dynamic energy industry landscape.

This success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing innovation and prioritizing skills in the pursuit of organizational excellence. As the energy industry continues to evolve, this company stands ready to lead the way, armed with a skilled workforce and a commitment to continuous innovation.

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