Discover skills-based expertise

Some skills-based experts exist on the market to help SBOs to reach success easier. 365Talents, for instance, works in 3 important phases:

  • Build the business case for your skills: the good methodology will help to define your business priorities and use cases, and the right experience enables you to invite and engage your teams to create momentum. This is the starting point for your SBO transformation.
  • Identify your needs: our solution and experts enable you to consolidate your skills and job frameworks by structuring and organizing them. It’s key for the future of your project.
  • Manage the transition and change: change management is really important for a clear transformation. Our solutions can help you manage this transition with skills harmonization and seamless integration with your HRIS tools. You’ll be able to seamlessly incorporate skills into your HR practices.

These 3 steps allow organizations to change at scale by including their HR team, managers and employees on the transformation journey.