How we build your skills ontology and framework: The Tetris game

365Talents helps you to create a unique, accurate, and concise skills framework that aligns with your organization's specific skills context and culture. The framework is designed to be accurate, tailored to the specific abilities of your employees, and constantly updated to meet HR use cases and stay in sync with the latest trends. It is also designed to be dynamic, operating seamlessly within the flow of work, making it an invaluable tool for HR professionals. Most importantly, skills data should be accessible to all other HR processes and systems, serving as a common language for Talent Management and Talent Experience.

To achieve these objectives effectively, we use both top-down and bottom-up approaches to help you build a specific skills framework. Imagine your skills framework like a Tetris game board.

Your framework is a fusion of various sources that, through smart and strategic interpretation and manipulation, can be fit together for a seamless, rock-solid view of your company’s current skills.

No matter the shape, size or quantity of the skills data you currently have, we can integrate additional data or complement it with our existing frameworks, filling in any gaps you might have and mirroring your historical approach.

Once everything is live, you have your centralized and dynamic skills framework. Our technology takes over, performing automatic categorization, synonym detection, semantic matching, language detection, and automatic translation.