How effective skills mapping drives a strategic workforce


365Talents co-founder and CEO Loïc Michel joins the Humanalytics podcast with Vic Akosile to discuss the importance of skills mapping, starting, of course, with what exactly skills mapping is and including why you are (probably) doing it wrong.

Over the course of the hourlong episode, Loïc and Vic also discuss:

  • Loïc's background and what inspired him to start 365Talents (2:25)
  • The skills gaps, i.e., the problems to which skills mapping offers a solution (8:59)
  • How COVID changed the game for "10-year plans" (15:13)
  • Leveraging AI and new technologies in skills mapping (23:17)
  • Understanding the talent experience journey (28:03)
  • The importance of multi-layered skills technology (31:05)
  • The 365Talents mission (34:11)
  • Use cases for skills mapping success (39:50)
  • Where Loïc draws his insights (47:51)