How 365Talents integrates with your Assessments tool to boost internal mobility & staffing

An HR assessment tool engages your employee to develop their potential and understand their interests, ambitions and skills better through soft skill assessments including behavioral, cognitive and personality tests. Integrating with a talent experience solution like 365Talents connects and incorporates this professional assessment data into their skills data set so that all your tools can benefit from these insights.

When you integrate your 365Talents with your LMS, your skills framework is centralized, unified and shared between your solutions to evaluate and understand your employees' soft skills. 

For employees, integration provides unique insights and centralizes information on their experience, personality and interests in order to better direct and improve career development. 

For managers, integration allows them to better see and understand their teams’ soft skills

For HR, integration helps them find relevant candidates for strategic open roles and improves KPIs on internal mobility and success planning.

Integration fosters a user-friendly and engaging experience for your employees to know themselves better and manage their career development while streamlining a transversal and efficient HR process to use this new information in your talent experience for skills analytics, strategic workforce planning and skills matching for internal mobility.

365Talents integrates with AssessFirst, Prismo and SHL, among other popular assessment solutions.

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