Build a better HR experience with artificial intelligence

Save time in your HR processes and personalize the experience for your employees. The power of AI applied to your HR data allows you to identify skills wherever they are expressed in your organization. 

better HR experience with Artificial Intelligence 365talents

Our mission: to allow you to capture and value every day 100% of the talents in your company, whatever the source of the information or the language

Semantic analysis engine, data matching, bridges between languages, matching engine and user experience: Artificial intelligence is everywhere on your 365Talents platform.

powerful semantic analysis engine to identify skills 365Talents

A powerful semantic analysis engine to identify your skills in real time

Our semantic analysis engine makes it possible to analyse and give meaning to the information related to your employees and your development opportunities. 

The use of explicitly stated skills is the visible phase of the iceberg. Using Natural Language Processing techniques, including Word Embedding, we capture implicit skills, bring skills together and estimate levels of expertise.

Why are we talking about artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, and more particularly deep learning, allows us to automate the analysis of unstructured data available in the profiles of your employees and development opportunities (projects, missions, jobs, jobs, training, etc.).

This large-scale analysis makes it possible to identify the strongest compatibility factors between an employee and an opportunity, to ensure the quality and relevance of our suggestions.

How do we ensure that AI is not biased?

Our technological approach does not consist in observing past information and trajectories to statistically imagine the possible trajectories of close collaborators.Our solution is not predictive.

Our AI engine identifies what characterizes an employee’s assets (skills of course, but also experiences, appetites, motivations, interests, interactions) in search of compatibilities with development opportunities.

How do you handle the use of multiple languages?

Thanks to our work in the field of multilingual text and semantic analysis, our solution enables your HR team to manage their skills set in a centralised way, whatever the languages used.

For an optimal user experience, the solution is systematically personalised in the preferred language of the user. Information is centralised and managed from an HR point of view in the bridge language of your choice.

Do you propose a standard competence repository?

No, because your company is unique: its culture, vocabulary and skills management.Our semantic analysis engine has trained over 9 billion terms to understand the nuances in the expression of a skill in your businessOur algorithms allow the platform not only to be relevant in all areas of activity, but above all to adapt to your own vocabulary.

skills detection and extraction 365talents

A matching engine to bring your employees and opportunities closer together more efficiently

Our matching engine is built on the use of Deep Learning technologies.Trained on millions of job descriptions and titles/training, our intelligence analyzes what makes up the opportunities offered to employees.What are the key competencies expected?What level of seniority is required?What competence does this training module develop?

We are then able to deduce relevant information to propose better suggestions to your employees, but also to help you better build and write your career development and skills development opportunities.

Expertise in AI applied to HR 365talents

Explained and shared expertise in AI applied to HR issues

We build a team with unique skills on all technological topics related to AI applied to HR: Machine Learning, NLP and Semantic Analysis.This strong in-house expertise is taking shape in our HR AI Lab, hater™, a scientific lab that collaborates with other public labs.

Our now famous (A)Ice breakers™, workshops held at our clients' offices, allow our clients to understand the ins and outs of AI technologies applied to HR developments.

Technology for the user experience

Artificial intelligence is not autonomous.It is above all a tool to help all users of the platform in their thinking and decision-making. 

An adaptation to all sources of information

We connect to all of your HR and business tools to detect the talents of your employees where they naturally express themselves. Our AI’s ability to understand the many areas of activity allows us to isolate these valuable assets.

In-depth discussions with your employees

For each personalized suggestion, we exchange with your employees and ask them for a simple but detailed feedback. Whether this feedback is positive or negative, we analyze these feedback to be more relevant in our suggestions.

Finish the predefined competence references

Our algorithms adapt to the vocabulary of your company. It’s your language, your HR policy, your projects. In a company, the word “Java” can mean an island, a computer language, a dance or the name of an internal project. From your contexts, we give meaning to every piece of information.

A detailed explanation for better actions

Our artificial intelligence engine allows us to automate analyses. Each action initiated by AI is explained to the users so that the human can, if necessary, complete this information and give even more meaning to our analyses.

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