Introducing 365Talents Generative AI capacities for HR 

Supporting organizations in their successful strategic organizational transformation journey requires both productivity and adaptability to market changes.

With this objective in mind, 365Talents has developed innovative tools to assist HR professionals in navigating these challenges effectively.

One such tool is Generative AI, meticulously crafted by 365Talents to elevate HR productivity and analysis. GenAI encompasses a suite of features, including a job description generator, job benchmarking, and skills vision. These functionalities collectively facilitate the creation of precise job descriptions, discovering emerging skills, and aligning employee competencies with company objectives, thereby enabling strategic HR planning.

Our Job Description Generator empowers HR managers to swiftly craft tailored job descriptions that resonate with current market demands, conserving valuable time and resources. Generative AI alleviates the burden of crafting job descriptions for unfamiliar domains while ensuring the skills ontology remains up-to-date.

Recognizing the importance of accurate job descriptions in attracting suitable candidates, 365Talent’s Job Benchmark dynamically adjusts job requirements in response to technological advancements and evolving skill sets, ensuring that job descriptions remain relevant and competitive. This innovative feature also unveils latent skills within job descriptions and offers insights into prevailing industry trends, thereby empowering HR managers to maintain a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

In response to specific organizational challenges, 365Talents' Skills Vision offers tailored action plans informed by pertinent articles and industry insights. By guiding how individuals in various job roles can contribute to these action plans, Skills Vision equips organizations with the requisite skills to drive strategic projects. Furthermore, organizations are empowered to proactively address skill gaps and nurture a well-equipped workforce to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape by identifying emerging skills essential for success in the given context.