How to align skills with your organization's goals: Skills Vision by 365Talents Generative AI

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Nowadays, HR managers face a whirlwind of challenges. They're constantly multitasking, trying to manage and develop their company's talent pool while keeping up with the lightning-fast pace of technological advancements. With the world becoming more interconnected by the day, they're navigating through a maze of complexities, trying to stay ahead of the curve. 

The need for innovative solutions like Skills Vision becomes increasingly apparent in this context. Skills Vision provides HR managers with a comprehensive toolkit to analyze and leverage their employees' skills in alignment with organizational goals.

Learn how our Generative AI Analytic Capacity Skills Vision works to solve HR challenges in this article. 

Navigating HR challenges: skills alignment with organizational goals

In the dynamic realm of HR management, professionals are continually grappling with an array of challenges. From aligning workforce skills with organizational goals to forecasting talent needs amidst evolving market trends, the landscape is fraught with complexities:

  • Struggle to identify relevant skills aligned with organizational goals and market trends to help the company address its current challenges such as sustainability, strategic acquisition, etc
  • Lack of internal and external skills insights, HR managers may struggle to anticipate talent needs and proactively address skill gaps.
  • Manual analysis of workforce skills and market trends is time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  •  Difficulty in identifying and addressing skill gaps within the workforce, hindering organizational agility and innovation.
  • Traditional talent management tools may provide insights but lack actionable recommendations for HR managers to implement effectively (emerging skills for job description and skills framework, trainings to close skills gaps, etc).

How is 365Talents’ Generative AI Skills Vision solving those challenges?

Generative AI refers to a subset of artificial intelligence techniques that focus on generating new content, such as images, text, audio, and even video, based on input data or patterns learned from training data. For HR, Generative AI encompasses the application of generative artificial intelligence techniques within the realm of human resources management. There are a few ways generative AI can be utilized in HR, such as personalized learning and training, skills assessments and development, talent acquisition and recruitment, employee engagement and feedback…

What is 365Talents’ Skills Vision feature, and what are its benefits? 

Skills Vision's analytic capabilities empower HR managers by providing the most up-to-date insights and suggesting actionable plans to address specific challenges faced by their company. Skills Vision leverages its data-driven approach to suggest tailored action plans based on relevant articles and industry insights when inputting a challenge, such as the pandemic crisis or workforce expansion. 

By analyzing these articles, Skills Vision identifies strategies and best practices to suggest to HR managers, offering them valuable guidance on navigating the challenge effectively. Furthermore, combined with 365Talents’ AI and data, Skills Vision goes beyond simply providing generic recommendations by proposing specific training for the selected job role to contribute to the action plan. This ensures that HR managers can leverage the existing skills within their organization.

How does the functionality work concretely?

With Skills Vision, addressing HR pain points becomes a streamlined process:

  • Input your company's specific challenge, whether it's navigating a pandemic crisis or expanding your workforce.
  • Receive a tailored action plan based on related articles and industry insights, providing concrete strategies to overcome the challenge.
  • Gain insights on how a job role can contribute to the action plan, ensuring alignment across the organization.
  • Identify new skills needed in the context of the challenge and access recommended online training opportunities to upskill employees effectively.
A customer story

A global leader in Energy and Utilities uses our Skills Vision™ and now:

  • Knows all the skills of its market: the group can evaluate developments in the professions in the market thanks to “insights” on the key skills to be mastered to face the changes of its industry, like environmental literacy for the sustainability challenge.
  • Has automatically generated job, projects and missions descriptions etc, based on the specificities of the energy and gas sector.
  • Builds reports and strategic analysis on skills trends, and measures the gaps between its existing strengths and the challenges of its industry.

Skills Vision in Action: Banking industry case study

For instance, in the banking industry, sustainability has emerged as a critical focus area for leaders looking to navigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges while driving long-term value creation. As banking leaders strive to integrate sustainability principles into their business strategies, they face a myriad of complexities, ranging from regulatory compliance to stakeholder expectations and evolving market dynamics. 

In this context, Skills Vision serves as a strategic ally for banking leaders striving to embed sustainability practices throughout their organizations. By leveraging its analytic capabilities, Skills Vision enables HR managers to input sustainability challenges specific to their industry and receive tailored action plans informed by relevant articles and industry insights.

Amidst increasing pressure to align with global sustainability goals and address climate-related risks, banking leaders must identify and develop the necessary skills within their workforce to drive sustainable finance initiatives effectively. Skills Vision's analytic capabilities enable HR managers at banks to input sustainability challenges, such as meeting ESG reporting requirements or implementing green finance initiatives, and receive tailored action plans. 

Skills Vision provides suggestions for how individuals in specific job roles, like risk managers or investment advisors, can contribute to the company's sustainability objectives. Additionally, it identifies the new skills needed in this context, empowering banking leaders to ensure their workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to drive sustainable growth. 

Moreover, by recommending training opportunities that align with sustainability goals, Skills Vision enables HR managers to upskill employees and foster a culture of sustainability within the organization. 

Ultimately, in a banking landscape increasingly shaped by sustainability imperatives, Skills Vision emerges as a strategic tool for leaders to navigate the complexities of ESG integration, drive innovation, and achieve long-term success.

Introducing 365Talents Generative AI capacities for HR 

Supporting organizations in their successful strategic organizational transformation journey requires both productivity and adaptability to market changes.

With this objective in mind, 365Talents has developed innovative tools to assist HR professionals in navigating these challenges effectively.

One such tool is Generative AI, meticulously crafted by 365Talents to elevate HR productivity and analysis. GenAI encompasses a suite of features, including a job description generator, job benchmarking, and skills vision. These functionalities collectively facilitate the creation of precise job descriptions, discovering emerging skills, and aligning employee competencies with company objectives, thereby enabling strategic HR planning.

Our Job Description Generator empowers HR managers to swiftly craft tailored job descriptions that resonate with current market demands, conserving valuable time and resources. Generative AI alleviates the burden of crafting job descriptions for unfamiliar domains while ensuring the skills ontology remains up-to-date.

Recognizing the importance of accurate job descriptions in attracting suitable candidates, 365Talent’s Job Benchmark dynamically adjusts job requirements in response to technological advancements and evolving skill sets, ensuring that job descriptions remain relevant and competitive. This innovative feature also unveils latent skills within job descriptions and offers insights into prevailing industry trends, thereby empowering HR managers to maintain a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

In response to specific organizational challenges, 365Talents' Skills Vision offers tailored action plans informed by pertinent articles and industry insights. By guiding how individuals in various job roles can contribute to these action plans, Skills Vision equips organizations with the requisite skills to drive strategic projects. Furthermore, organizations are empowered to proactively address skill gaps and nurture a well-equipped workforce to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape by identifying emerging skills essential for success in the given context.

Skills Vision emerges as a strategic ally for HR professionals, offering a holistic approach to talent management that drives organizational success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, Skills Vision empowers HR managers to navigate challenges with agility, driving innovation and fostering a culture of continuous learning within their organizations.

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