Case Study

How innovative skills management has boosted the performance of the SEGULA Technologies Group.

Find out why SEGULA Technologies, an engineering group covering all major industrial sectors, chose 365Talents in order to obtain a dynamic skills repository and identify the key skills of its organization to meet business needs.

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At the dawn of a number of major engineering transformations worldwide; passing through the end of the COVID crisis, the talent shortage and the emergence of AI technologies, SEGULA Technologies Group is embarking on a strategic project to plan the resources and skills of its employees.

The aim of this in-depth project is to identify the wealth of talent available in the Group's 30 countries, and, with the help of AI, to ensure innovative skills management to enhance the Group's performance.


SEGULA Technologies had already identified its skills management needs and was looking for a partner who could meet all its priorities. Dealing with these priorities is a twofold challenge:

  • Contribute to business performance
  • Support career management within the Group


The platform, deployed in France among more than 4,000 employees, already has more than 80,000 skills declared in the skills framework, available in French and English.

The long-term objective is to cover all countries by deploying the solution across the entire Group.

The solution also enables to respond more effectively to a number of audits carried out by the customers, asking about the capabilities and skills development of their employees around the world.

“We didn't have any harmonization of skills repositories across the Group, and it was essential to change that to meet our customers' challenges in international markets.” - Arnaud Andorra, Global Talent Manager
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