3 examples of Skills Tech in action

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a decision-making method that relies on the use of data and analytical tools to understand past behavior and predict future events. By combining different techniques, it allows organizations to make strategic decisions. It is a particularly effective method for dealing with transformations. Indeed, HR managers have the urgent mission to adapt their way of working in order to better train their employees to the skills of tomorrow. Anticipating this transformation requires setting up initiatives based on the company's objectives and being well equipped.

→ Skills Tech relies on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and the interoperability of HR tools to build a concrete vision of skills in motion.

Internal Talent Marketplace

The Internal Talent Marketplace, the online platform that allows employees to find and apply for internal career opportunities, needs no introduction. Vacancies, temporary assignments, specific projects, mentorships, training programs... This all-in-one talent management solution helps employees develop their careers.

→ Combining Internal Talent Marketplace and Skills Tech gives companies the ability to leverage skills and talent to position them on strategic projects.

Learning Analytics

Learning analytics aims to collect all data related to an e-learning system. All collected information is measured and analyzed to optimize the e-learning process. This is an essential step to evaluate the success of the training provided. 

→ Skills Tech makes it easy for you to access real-time data on your employees' progress and ensure their engagement throughout the learning process.