Navigating talent experience across regions


In today’s globalized world, organizations operate across various regions and must harness the talents and skills of their workforce effectively. HR professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring that skills intelligence and governance are aligned with the organisation's strategic objectives.

In this dynamic landscape, the ability to effectively manage talent across different regions while aligning skills with organizational goals has become a critical mandate for departments worldwide.

The discussion covered:

  • Understand the challenges of managing talent across a diverse workforce, encompassing multiple languages, cultures, and regions
  • Learn practical approaches for building and identifying adaptable skills matrices that cater to global requirements
  • Learn the strategic importance of skills referential in talent management
  • Discover strategies to promote global mobility while retaining essential skills within the organisation

Panelists included:

  • Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Mobility, Talent and Rewards at HelloFresh
  • Mauricio Chapa, VP of Talent & Compensation at Sigma
  • Kason Morris, Head of Global Internal Talent Marketplace, Skills and Mobility at Allstate
  • Julie Asselin, Chief Marketing Officer at 365Talents