The first step to becoming skills-based: The 365Talents approach

At 365Talents, we start with the skills transformation with skills intelligence. We invite our partners to bring the data and the sources of information they have or think they have, as well as a list of what they don't have. 

The degree of skills data you have doesn’t matter as much as your clarity of mission. Some of our partners say, “This is our existing framework and this is how it works in our company. Tell us how to put that into a dynamic mode, in real-time mode using a decentralized approach.” But about 50% come and tell us, “We don't have anything. We don't have any skills frameworks, we don't have skills data. Please help us build from scratch something that will help us to have a skills intelligence engine at the center of what we want to change.”

No matter the depth of pre-existing materials, 365Talents then contributes our own skills intelligence and frameworks, with external data and benchmark data, and a technology that is able to infer skills and to cluster and structure this information across different 45+ languages. We combine and adapt our resources and capabilities to what the client has (or doesn’t have). In either case, this adapting phase is really essential to creating something strong.

When we talk to a partner, we say, come and we'll spend one hour talking about the ontology and how it works in our platform and with our technology. If the partner is prepared and knows what data they have and what results they want to see, in one hour of conversation, we already know where to start and what the first steps are in this skills approach, moving us faster to discussing the ROI they can attain with such a transformation. And finally, we talk about the project and implementation and the resources they need to allocate to launch.

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