How 365Talents integrates with your collaboration tools to streamline the talent experience

Workplace collaboration tools are a category of software solutions that allow companies and individuals to communicate better and work together. Collaboration tools encompass project management software, video conferencing platforms, messaging apps, file sharing and more. 

Integrating your collaboration tools with a talent management solution like 365Talents streamlines the talent experience and process by bringing it directly into the communication and collaboration platform that employees are already using.

For employees, integration means they can receive new suggestions for skills, experiences or training to enhance their profiles directly through their communication app, eliminating the need to log into multiple solutions to keep their profiles up to date. 

For HR and managers, integration can ensure effective communication with their employees, as notifications are delivered instantly to suggest new skills. Additionally, they can ensure that employees are engaged in completing their 365Talents profiles and participating in the training or job opportunities suggested by HR or managers.

365Talents integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workzone, among other popular collaboration solutions. 

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