How to unlock workforce agility with your ITM

Loïc Michel, CEO and co-founder at 365Talents, joins the Chris Rainey and the HR Leaders Panel for a jointly-produced discussion on the internal talent marketplace. Fellow panelists include Burak Bak, VP Talent & Analytics Europe & Latam at Ericsson; Jean Pelletier, VP Digital Talent Transformation at Schneider Electric; Sandrine Berkopec, Group Head of HR Digital transformation at Veolia; and Célia Devinoy, Talent Development at Veolia.

Over the course of the hourlong discussion, the panel discussed:

  • What is an internal talent marketplace? (1:17)
  • Why making opportunities accessible is a must for organizations (9:21)
  • Tackling the challenges of implementation (11:44)
  • Change management vs. technical integration (14:54)
  • How to shift from talent guards to talent mobilizers (17:07)
  • Understanding ITM as a journey (20:43)
  • Clearing cultural and linguistic hurdles (27:21)
  • HR as marketers (34:19)
  • Jean Pelletier's three-legged stool (41:05)
  • Why you need to start now (44:45)