HR Marketing in practice: Veolia case study

Now that we have these steps, I wanted to share with you a concrete case study on how to build a technology stack around talent experience. 

In terms of positioning an HR tech stack in your organization, you may have your core HR system with admin, payroll and I.T. This is transactional with payroll and data. Then you have a talent management core system, your suite for HR processes and practices. These are for the final three steps.

But usually the talent experience piece (a.k.a., “the first three steps”) is missing and that's where your employee’s career and growth will be at stake. As mentioned before, here is where you generate awareness, interest and consideration. On top of that, or in parallel, you may have some employee experience platforms like internal social networks, internal communications or an intranet. 

Take, for example, one of 365Talents’ customers in the environment services industry: Veolia. 

Veolia has a core HR system which is powered by SAP SuccessFactors, then they have their talent management processes covered by a recruitment and a learning platform, and they have the talent experience platform, which is powered by 365Talents. 

And what does the talent experience platform do? It stands as the one-stop shop for all the diverse personalized career opportunities that the company can offer to each employee — and integrates with their core HR system. And it's the central database, the master data management piece for skills-related data, offering great and unique insights for HR.