How 365Talents integrates with your performance review solutions to leverage skills data for development 

Performance review platforms manage employee performance with digitized and flexible people review and performance management tools. Integrating with a talent experience solution like 365Talents connects your process and puts skills intelligence at the heart of your performance reviews.

When you integrate your 365Talents with your performance review tool, you can centralize skills and career aspirations, generate valuable insights, and increase business impact.

For employees, integration centralizes their skills, expertise and professional interest information, engaging them with smart suggestions to progress on their performance and better plan their career path.

For managers, integration offers unique insights to better reach their business objectives, resolve skills gaps and help their team grow in their careers.

For HRs, integration allows you to take advantage of best-of-breed solutions, achieve your KPIs and connect your solutions, skills and user experiences.

365Talents integrates with Altays, SAP SuccessFactors and Javelo, among other popular performance review solutions. 

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